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Do you have questions about your life purpose, love life, career or health? Would you like to communicate with a loved one on the other side? Or do you want to have a better relationship with your pet? We all need guidance at times, when we are confused, afraid, going through a trauma, illness or a big life change. As an angel intuitive and psychic, Gera has a gift for tuning into your guides and angels, and getting the direction you need to help you navigate these trying times.

Gera can help you to answer questions, get past blocks, find direction, ease feelings of grief and loss, or talk to your pet for you. Readings are done by phone or Skype, by appointment. It’s easy to get in touch with Gera and get the help you need very quickly. Contact Gera today.

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Readings by Gera Using Oracle Cards

Watch Gera give an oracle card reading from the Doreen Virtue deck: Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards. This is just one way Gera receives guidance for you, for groups and for herself every day.

Ask Gera Angel Medium, Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

With over twenty years experience talking to angels and spirit guides, and special training in Angel Communication and ANGEL THERAPY® certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD., Gera has a gift for tuning in easily and clearly to your angels and guides, the archangels and ascended masters. In intuitive psychic readings by phone or Skype, you can ask Gera, Angel Medium, for guidance from your angels and guides. Intuitive coaching, angel and psychic readings by phone and Skype are available as 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Ask Gera Angel Medium,Mediumship Readings


In a mediumship reading with Gera, you can connect loved ones who have passed over. Gera can call on specific loves ones, who always step forward. In Gera’s experience, our loved ones in spirit are waiting to speak with us. As a psychic medium trained by Doreen Virtue, PhD., with over seven years of experience, Gera Farkas calls in your loved ones by name, giving you messages and guidance, healing and closure in readings by phone or Skype.

Ask Gera Angel Medium, Intuitive Readings

Animal Communication

Gera Farkas is a gifted animal communicator and pet psychic with over 20 years’ experience. She is also a pet psychic medium for animals who have transitioned into spirit. Have you been curious about what your pet is thinking?  Do you have behavior problems to solve?  Would you like to connect to your pets on the other side? Gera can help you with animal communication, in person in Orange County, CA, or by phone and Skype.

About Ask Gera Angel Medium

About Gera

Gera is a fun-loving, entertaining and compassionate intuitive reader and medium, with over 20 years’ experience, who loves helping you to move forward on your path of growth and expansion, by answering your most pressing questions, offering insight and healing. She is known by clients as gentle and caring, with the ability to easily connect to angels, spirit guides, pets and loved ones on the other side, and deliver messages that are insightful, accurate and oftentimes funny!

Why Get a Reading With Gera?

When Gera tunes into your energy and your angels, spirit guides and loved ones, she is able to connect on a deeper spiritual level, and receive information you may not even know that you needed to know! Not only can she sense your essence, energy and present emotions, she can guide you in areas where you may have blocks you are not aware of at the time. For example, if you are asking about a romantic partner, Gera can help you identify what may be stopping that new partner from coming in, and help you to heal the emotions that are stopping or slowing down the arrival of that new partner. In other words, not only does she tell you what’s going on, she helps you clear the blocks and move forward, so that you manifest your dreams much more easily! As an intuitive coach, Gera also teaches  tools to help you on a daily basis to stay clear, tune into your own intuition and become more self-empowered.

From One Happy Client:

“My friend took me to a Angel class Gera was teaching. I had a lot of fun. After the class I’ve called and gotten healings and readings done on the phone and in person. Love every one of them. She is very easy to talk to and listens to you. She helped me in my personal life and businesses.”  -Katie D., CA

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My angel reading with Gera was absolutely wonderful. She and her angel team helped me remember what relaxed is, and helped me remember how to get there. I was also given several tools to use daily to reduce stress and anxiety. Everyone should treat themselves to a reading with Gera.

Thank you so much for the reading on Tuesday. I really do feel lighter!

Clients are saying...

Gera is one of the most caring healers I have ever encountered. Her reading was accurate and inspiring. It is more than just an intuitive reading, but it is filled with practical advice as well as spiritual wisdom. I love having readings with her because you can always feel her positive and loving energy. Angel reading by an earth Angel indeed!

I highly recommend the kindness, relaxation and insightfulness that Gera can share with you!   She is “almost” as awesome as the dolphins, lol!  (A very high compliment!) Thanks again, Gera!

Gera helped me to find my lost kitty quickly. She decscribed the room he was in, and told me where to look in my neighborhood. My kitty was home by dinnertime!

Clients are saying...

Gera is a very connected lightworker who is able to easily connect and deliver messages that are insightful and accurate. I felt so blessed and happy afterwards. Thanks Gera!

Hi Gera ~ Thank you so much for the reading and this follow up info, it has been very productive!

Hi Gera, Your reading last night was very revealing and so right on, I was really impressed.

Clients are saying...


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